vol. 1.3

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vol. 1.3

this time our focus on obscurish music will be on the contemporary side of the two faces of the same old head – which isn’t, of course, by any means accurate. still, at closer examination the noticeable similarities will be surprising no matter how different the context or geographic background is. may as well be the socio-cultural background as diverse as the amount of bands being featured here as much are the approaches and agendas being expressed in this very medium music. whatever it is what drives people to create uncommon soundscapes expressing their state of mind, comparing music scenes of the last decades, it is certainly assumable that the current zeitgeist has more influence on the overall output as one might believe. hypothesizing that, looking back to the very forebears of independently produced music gives one the impression that the initial abrasive anger and anxiety was followed up by shallower moments of oblivion and just wanting to forget about the state of all the existing worlds, just to be replaced once again by thoughtful and authentic approaches being nevertheless more diffuse and obviously without a general focus within the full scale. but is that surprising in a world where black and white mashes more and more into shades of a grayish haze in which it is not as apparent as it might have been who or what creates all the confusion we might feel? where the wolf wears sheep’s clothing and diversity is part of a general uniformity. where you can go as far as you probably wish as long as you comply to the rules. where war is peace and freedom slavery.
welcome to the new world order – we might like it or not but i assume this is one more expression of the overall picture, so hence enjoy listening and thanks for tuning in…..





ROYAL VOMIT – subordinance (AUS, Summer Graveyard Blues Cass) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/royalvomit

LED ER EST – fingers curling up (US, Split 7″ with S.S.P.S.) ▶ http://lederest.com

NAKED ON THE VAGUE – mother’s footsteps (AUS, Blood Pressure Sessions Lp) ▶ http://www.nakedonthevague.com

VIVIAN GIRLS – i’m not asleep (US, Everything Goes Wrong Lp) ▶ http://www.freewebs.com/viviangirls

INDIAN JEWELRY – lost my sight (US, Invasive Exotics Cd) ▶ http://www.swarmofangels.com/indianjewelry.html

CAUGHT SHIP – a bit more tame/a bit less rape (AUS, live recording, not officially released but available here: http://permanentdirt.blogspot.com) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/caughtship

HISS – burning easter (AUS, V/A It’s Over We Don’t Care Compilation Cd) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/djhiss

WIZZARD SLEEVE – pterodactyl meltdown (US, Make The World Go Away Lp) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/wizzardsleeve

ERASERS – you can take better care of yourself (AUS, Erasers EP Cd) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/erasersonpencils

BLACK VATICAN – night is come (US, Split Lp with TRUE PRIMES) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/comedovestrollblastersmajickleaf

CRAB SMASHER – you don’t need to shout when the sun comes out (AUS, Impossible Monsters 3″ Cd) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/crabsmasher

if you like any of the featured bands please show them a little support!

this eleven song podcast is put together with the best of intentions and has on no account been uploaded for any sort of profit for my part. i tried hard to track down the creators and whenever possible get the permission of streaming their particular song in that podcast. thank you so much for letting me do that!

in case you feel misrepresented here please get in touch and i’ll delete you immediately! all rights reserved by the respective musicians.

cover art illustration by analogue monologues


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