vol. 1.4

⌘ sorry, this mix is no longer available to listen to ⌘



vol. 1.4

so what is ephemeral? obviously too many things in modern life but still, as it turns out there are some folks around who are able to transform the spirits which were believed dead since quite a while and create some fantastic tunes not to be hidden behind the shadows of their very ancestral bearers of fortune(s). in other words, there are some evolving bands on their way which easily demonstrate that this presumption might not be pointless. and here are a few of them – accompanied by some of the finest debris of the old days when this musical affair was still quite exceptional. and hopefully it soon will again be! so, please enjoy listening and thanks for tuning in……





1. THE ESTRANGED – lunacy (US, The Subliminal Man Lp) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/theestrangedpdxhotmailcom

2. SIEKIERA – tak duzo, tak mocno (PL, Nowa Aleksandria Lp) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/siekiera

3. ALPS – grosbeak whale (AUS, Alps of New South Wales Cd) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/alpsalps

4. S.S.P.S. – sweet children (US, Split 7″ with Led Er Est) ▶ http://www.pyramidsnake.com

5. THE PRIDS – one thousand five (US, Something Difficult 7″) ▶ http://www.theprids.com

6. DECEPTION BAY – with not a sound (US, Fortune Days 10″) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/deceptionbays

7. LACK OF KNOWLEDGE – buried alive (UK, Amercanized Cd)▶ http://www.southern.com/southern/band/LACK1

8. PRODUCT – black days (UK, Style Wars Lp)

9. KITCHEN & THE PLASTIC SPOONS – alfabet for analfabet (SE, Best Off Cd) ▶ http://www.myspace.com/kitchenandtheplasticspoons

10. MERE WOMEN – sun rising (AUS, Demo) ▶ http://merewomen.wordpress.com

11. fast forward quintet FORWARD MUSIC QUINTET – waiting (GR, The Mystery Of A Dying Lp)

if you like any of the featured bands please show them a little support!

this eleven song podcast is put together with the best of intentions and has on no account been uploaded for any sort of profit for my part. i tried hard to track down the creators and whenever possible get the permission of streaming their particular song in that podcast. thank you so much for letting me do that!

in case you feel misrepresented here please get in touch and i’ll delete you immediately! all rights reserved by the respective musicians.

cover art illustration by analogue monologues


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