can you hear silence? [analogue monologues vol. 2.1]




vol. 2.1

how relevant is a music mix such as analogue monologues in this vast virtual abundance never seen before? this was one of the questions i asked myself during the last year which didn’t see any release of such mix tape at all. surely planet earth doesn’t need too much to keep spinning and thus, in today’s world irrelevance is relative. lets put it simple then: needed or not, this new volume contains 11 songs all sourced from a music platform called soundcloud. and as a matter of fact, the result turned into something unexpected and stochastic but exactly this shows the beauty of pure chance. not knowing what you’re looking for but happy with what you found, at least for a moment. it’s like swimming on open ocean where every wave may shift you towards a new direction. and this is how this very compilation came about, sounding completely different in its first stages but eventually evolving into this eclectic mix of tunes, which may have all been created with different backgrounds and intentions, but yet makes it feel perfectly ok to put them one next to another.
the next few volumes of this compilation series will explore several virtual spheres of sharing music. there are many more treasures out in the open which want to be found and it is up to us to keep exploring. although, i’m not sure i’ll ever come across the one thing i hope finding some day: silence. mind you, who knows this state of the art won’t be too loud to be endured? meanwhile, happy drifting and, of course, listening folks……





1. ALICE TRAGEDY – stille (AT) ▶
2. NILS QUAK – hazy mornings (GER) ▶
3. 2MUCHACHOS – long time ago (RU, Teplaja) ▶ download Teplaja Ep free at:
4. HEIDI HARRIS – saturnalia – (US, Wisdom Teeth On Bended Knee) ▶ watch video clip for saturnalia
5. ZENJUNGLE – i forgot you and you have dust on your shoulders (GR)
6. SIMPTOM POGREMUSHKI – lonely sky (BELARUS) ▶ find free related releases via their net label: We Have No Zen
7. ALOONALUNA – fall like leaves, rough version (US) ▶
8. JW BRAITH – sax freakout (CAN)
9. HALSUND – prelude to something else (AUS) ▶ freesound composition with the following attributions: see below *
10. MARC BROUDE – for the flies – (US, Medicine) ▶
download free album via clinical archives net label
11. PHIRNIS – sandsturm (GER)


* freesound attributions:
By Juskiddink (, Sax tweaked 2.wav ( by jdstarrett (, GStringLowB.wav (, GStringLowC.wav (, FStringLowG#.wav (, GStringLowA#.wav ( By batchku (, poppy_A#_4_harm_norm.aif (, poppy_C#_5_harm_norm.aif (, poppy_D#_4_harm_norm.aif ( By HerbertBoland (, GranulatedClarinet2.wav (, Drone2.wav (, Drone1.wav (, PianoMood8.wav (, PianoMood7.wav (, PianoMood6.wav (, PianoMood3.wav (, BrushedSnare2.wav ( By tc630 (, slidetpt.wav ( By batchku ( By patchen (, scrapes-05.ogg (, hi strums.ogg (, mood scrapes.ogg (

if you like any of those bands featured on above mix, please show them a little support!
this eleven song podcast is put together with the best of intentions and has on no account been uploaded for any sort of profit for my part. i tried hard to track down the creators and whenever possible get the permission for streaming their particular song in that podcast. thank you so much for letting me do that!
all rights reserved by the respective musicians, except the following works which are licensed via Creative Commons: ZENJUNGLE (CC BY-NC 3.0), SIMPTOM POGREMUSHKI (CC BY-NC 3.0), JW BRAITH (CC BY 3.0), HALSUND (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0), MARC BROUDE (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0), PHIRNIS (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). please visit if in doubt about specific details.
in case you feel misrepresented here please get in touch and i’ll delete you immediately!

cover art illustration by analogue monologues


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