NHOMEA : Watch The Birds [Fall From The Sky]



➛ NHOMEA : Watch The Birds (ltd. Lp, ltd. Cd)

ladies and gentlemen. the time has come to announce a release this world has been waiting for ever since. and you’d better be a bit quicker than usual as this comet of an album might just have the appearance of a shooting star for anyone staring into the sky for too long. don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that and it might certainly be equally as stunning seeing cosmic rock turn into colourful star-dust in the blink of an eye as listening to nhomea, sydney’s powerhouse of intense musical agglomeration. but whatever your preferences are, better is only a combination of both and, unfortunately, that’s not what everyone is able to experience considering the profound effect of one of our planet’s fundamental factors – distance.
present release features the recording of a stunning live set dating back to newcastle’s own 2010 ‘this is not art’ fest on side one plus a recently recorded jam session on side two. the draught for the cover artwork of this release’s digital version was contributed by [◐ mode analogue] in twenty.ten: thank you for including it, nhomea!

[nhomea: watch the birds | june 2012, 4 songs, 28 min]

Nhomea: Watch The Birds | Etch_music on Soundcloud



and in case you wondered, this is what Nhomea are saying about themselves:

“Nhomea is an improvisational group from Australia. The group has an
open lineup, and comprises of a large list of experimental musicians
from earth and interspace. Born of being aware of the present, and
predicting the future – this sonic organism evokes immediacy,
contradiction and spontaneity. The totalising effect of this
experimental journey drives the listener into the unknown, and with
alarming effect. Nhomea attempts to remain as true to creative
inspiration as possible- to allow expression in the moment, and to be
reflective of the surroundings and the audience.”


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